Paint Colors to Consider for Your Baby’s Nursery Room 

Color psychology involves how colors can affect our health, behavior, and even mood. And once you know that your baby will be spending many hours in the nursery during their developmental years, you can expect to walk in and out of the nursery room and end up waking up inside this room for countless mornings. If this is the case, then you need to consider the psychological impacts of color that you choose to paint in the nursery room for your baby. Here are the following colors you can choose from and their respective psychological effects.? 



Most of the time, green is a color associated with health, which can be calming and soothing. This particular color makes a serene environment where it promotes concentration and thinking. Green can be seen anywhere in nature, making it a great addition for decorating any room type, including nursery rooms. In this room, green is a good main color to use. Or you can opt to utilize some colors that can be energizing, such as yellow.? 


Orange is a comforting and warm color that can help put other people at ease. Moreover, it’s social and friendly as well, which helps spark more communication within the room. Although orange can get over-stimulating and can make you hungry even more. Similar to red, orange can be used best if you only apply smaller hints of it in nursery rooms.? 


Choosing this color comes in both bad and good news. According to some studies, red can boost athletic capability and it can be energizing to look at. However, red potentially increases aggression as well, resulting in headaches and making it harder to focus even more. Take note that it would be best to refuse to paint red all over your walls. However, incorporating red accents on the walls of a nursery room usually work really well.? 


Depending on the shade you choose, purple can bring in blues or reds. It carries the same emotions to blues or reds—whichever it takes more of. Pastel purples are calming and purple works perfectly together with rich fabrics. 


Yellow is a happy and cheerful color. Though bright yellows are energizing and sunny, they can be annoying to babies. Because of that, it’s better to choose softer yellow paints to add a nice balancing color and encourage concentration. Similar to orange and red, yellow is a great addition to any room only if it’s used in moderation bath bombs for kids.? 


Blue is a calming color in general. It’s been recognized to help lower the heart rate and blood pressure while minimizing the feelings of anxiety and aggression. Blue helps with sleep and calming tantrums.? 

Although, make sure to be careful with the shade you want to use. Remember that a bright royal blue can be too much and a grayish-blue can feel sad.? 

Depending on which color you choose for your baby’s nursery room, it’s still important for you to use the best?painting services Perth. So, make sure to only hire the painting experts today.?